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We take the time to build you a website that is worthy of your business. Our web design is modern, affordable, and provides top notch support.
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Graphic Design Services

Quality design reflects a quality product or service. Attract your demographic with eye grabbing design for your website, business cards, product packaging, logo, and more.
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Professional Digita Media Services

Add value to your business by hiring our professional video or photography services. We will shoot and edit your business's products or services in the highest 4k cinema quality possible in 2017.

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Photo Services

Does your business have high grade 4k photos to share on social media and to show off in your portfolio? If you dont we can help you get started for an extremely affordable price. Photos that show off your the best features of your your products and services will add value to your business. 

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Website Design Company

We are proud to serve our clients by building quality websites for their business. Sometimes a business owner is not sure why they should hire a professional website designer versus building a website themselves. Here are a list of reasons why you should consider hiring a professional for your website design.
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Web Design

Providing low-cost, custom website design for your business. Responsive across all devices (mobile friendly designs).

Graphic Design

Our trusted local professional designer will take care of your companie’s graphic design needs. Product packaging desing, logos, business cards, and more.

Online Marketing

Once we get your website up and optimized, online marketing services such as SEO Optimization or Pay Per Click Ad Campaings will help drive traffic to your business.

Maintenance and Support

We provide support 7 days a week from the hours of 9 – 5 p.m. WordPress training available for client’s staff.

Client Reviews

Success is never achieved alone. It takes collaborating with creative minds in order to produce greatness. I had the pleasure of working with Rafael to create a unique stylized website and logo for my business. The end results are impressive and I'm extremely satisfied. We have a solid working relationship and still actively working together. I highly recommend choosing "The Wise Guy" for all your creative business and personal developments.

-Andrew; Café Life

Rafael designed an attractive, sophisticated website that is reaching the people to whom I sell my products, and achieving the results I desired. My knowledge of web technology is very limited. Rafael spoke in terms I could understand and asked the right questions to determine what I needed. His responsiveness was timely. His turnaround was swift. I will continue to rely upon him for web related issues.

-Wil; September Solutions Burial Insurance

Rafael did a fantastic job. The project went very smoothly and he was able to do the entire thing with minimal information on my end. He built my website with the eye catching designs that he talks about. Now I get several phone calls from visitors on my website. Last but not least he is a really friendly person who is easy to work with.

-AJ; Champion Fire Protection

Thank you for your hard work the website looks amazing. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

-Taras; The Coffee Spot co.

Working with Rafael was easy and comprehensive. He guided me through the entire processes while my website was being developed. I always felt like my input was heard and got the exact website I wanted.

-Andreyy; Clean Pool Pros.

Benefits of Working with a Genuine Website Design Firm.

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How to Make Virtual Reality Content for Your Business

VR is becoming more accessible to the public. Anyone with a smartphone has access to vr. There are already hundreds of millions enjoying vr on video platforms such as youtube, facebook, and other popular sharing platforms.  So the question is, how does...
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The Ideal Web Designer for Your Business

So you realize your business needs a website, but you dont know where to start. Who do you go to? How do you get the most bang for your buck? First let’s take a look at the ideal qualities in a web designer. First of all hiring someone local is very...
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Why Not Owning a Website Will Cost Your Business Upwards of $30,000

Let me walk you through a common 21st century scenario. You are thinking about buying a new product or service from a local business. You don’t have the time to go there physically so you turn to the internet for the information that will determine whether...
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How Colors can Make or Break Your Website

Don’t fall into the vicious cycle of setting your entire website to one solid color scheme. The number one reason why you should avoid this is because it will make all your hard work on your site look bland. This will cause the average visitor to lose...
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What Good Content on a Website Looks Like

A person who visits your website for the first time ever needs to be hooked in some way. That is why the content on the top of your page is the most important. It should contain some media as well as a descriptive title or summary of what the page is about. It...
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Is Paying for a Professionaly Designed Website Worth it?

Today, technology has made creating a website more accesable than it was 15 years ago. Everyday, it seems like there is a new platform to build a website on. Alot of these companies market their website building platform as “easy to use.” This...
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Improving Local Businesses

Sacramento Website Design

Welcome to The Wise Guy where we specialize in creating websites for small businesses here in Sacramento, CA. Each design is custom tailored for your specific needs and industry. In addition, the website design will be friendly across all devices, including mobile.

Not to mention that one of our service highlights is being able to work closley with the designer. As the design project is being developed, you may request to meet in person with the designer to share new ideas. Also, we place a heavy value on customer satisfaction, so you can always expect top notch support.

One-on-One Service

Premium Quality Care – Work Directly with the Designer

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Package Design

Did you know some retailers will not accept your product unless it looks good on their shelves? Product package design is sometimes just as important as the product because consumers tend to buy the product in the most attractive packaging box. This is because professional allows the consumer to place trust in your product. Hiqh quality design reflects a high quality product.

Business Card

We strive to provide you with the most impressive business cards in your industry. Your potential cilents or customers will be impressed with the professional design on your business card. And we all know how important it is to make the right first impression.

  • Custom design that fits your business
  • Clear and concise information
  • Different materials available
  • 500 cards printed (included in price)
SEO Optimization

Catapult your website closer and closer to the first page of google. This is an effective way to receive additional long term traffic to your business. Once you are on the first page of google, your business will reap the benefits of having a constant flow of traffic to your businesse’s website where clients may contact your for your services or purchase your products directly.

PPC Marketing

Advertise your businesse’s product or services on the front page of the most popular internet platforms. These platforms include google, yahoo, bing, facebook and more. This is truly an effective way to generate high quality, relevant, local leads and sales. This is a very profitable marketing campaign.


Your business deserves a logo that is relevant to your industry, and demonstrates professionalism in its design. Our philosophy is that a logo should be something that your demographic will love to see on a regular basis.

Personal Service

The best part of working with The Wise Guy is that you get to work directly with the designer.

  • Call us directly at (916) 549-6973
  • Email at
  • Schedule meet ups with designer throughout project
  • Reach us any time of the week

Affordable to All Businesses

Working within your budget.

Have your dream website come to life without breaking the bank. You will find that our rates are reasonable and easy to work with. No matter what your budget is, we will always produce reliable, trustworthy work.


Sell your product or services through your website. Accept all forms of payment.


We can take care of creating rich content such as video, photos, or writing segments for your website.


Keep your website running smoothly 24/7 with professional maintenance. We handle server data so you dont have to.


Advanced Contact Forms are areas on your website where people can submit their contact information that follows your custom criteria. Effective for collecting new leads.


Get your website closer to the first page of google with our monthly SEO campaign service. We produce significant rank improvement between the second and fourth month.


Our designer will respond to your messages or concerns promptly because we believe customer satisfaction should be prioritized.

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