Is it worth to Hire a Professional Website Designer?

Today, technology has made creating a website more accesable than it was 15 years ago. Everyday, it seems like there is a new platform to build a website on. Alot of these companies market their website building platform as “easy to use.” This is starting to make people wonder if it is worthwhile to hire a professional website designer.

Most of us know by now that the benefits of not hiring a professional web designer is saving a few hundred bucks. However, because the of the reasons listed below it will cost your business more money to bnuild their own website versus hiring a professional website designer/developer.

Why you should consider hiring a professional website designer

When your representing a business, you want to do so in the most professional manner. This is the main reason why you should consider hiring a professional company to display your business in the best manner possible. The truth is, today your businesse’s online presence may be just as or more important that your physical presence. This is because more and more consumers are moving online to find their products or services. When a consumer finally find your businesse’s website they will decide whether or not to purchase your products or services by the quality of your website.

How easy is it really to build your own website as a first timer?

Many people will tell you that building a website using common website building platforms such as wordpress is easy…but they dont mention that on average it still takes a user 50 hours or more to build their first website. Even after you have completed your website, you may not be so impressed with your results. This is because building a website takes practice and it will likely take you multiple attempts before you create something worth keeping.

What does this mean if your a business owner?

It means that you need to assess how valuable your time is to you. You must determine whether it is worth your time to spend 50+ hours on a website that you may not be too satisfied with. This is why so many business owners find it worth their while to hire a professional designer. If a business owner is serious about growing their business in today’s world, they will likely spend the money to ensure they get a website that screams “professional” to all of its users.

Future website work and maintenance will be needed

When your business grows, your website needs to reflect that growth. For instance, when you begin to offer a new product or service your website needs to reflect your new catalog. Or if your business has a new important policy that consumers need to know about, that must be reflected on your businesse’s online presence as well. This area of website work is called website maintenance and not to many people have the hours required to fulfill this task. Typically, your website designer would maintain your website but if you designed your own website the task falls on you. Not performing routine website maintenance can lead to a lot of miscommuication between the business and the consumer.