A person who visits your website for the first time ever needs to be hooked in some way. That is why the content on the top of your page is the most important. It should contain some media as well as a descriptive title or summary of what the page is about. It should look something like this.

The Secret to Good Content

Get out there and find something cool. Go out of your way to take something that relates to your website’s niche and give it an attractive design. Do what you can to stand out by editing your content, making it as rich as possible.

.A page should never be filled with generic or stock media. If you want to give your website some identity and character you need to have custom graphics, video content edited by yourself, pictures that are relevant to your content, and more. A good rule of thumb is that your page should output more original content than the stock / generic media it uses. You want to provide content not use other people’s. This will draw people into your website because there are always people in the search for great original content.

Video content is one of the best pieces of content because it is so descriptive and easy to follow. Of course, video content can be harder to create but when you cover the right topics, it can make the difference between a not so great page to a major hit.

From here it is up to you to decide how you want to lay out your page with its content. This will probably depend on what type of page you are trying to build. Be creative and you will see an increase in traffic. Nobody likes to look at an eyesore of a website, even if they are just reading a blog post and are not necessarily focused on the website surrounding said post. It is important to note that one of the leading causes to a page with a high bounce rate (bounce rate is the % of people who load your website and leave immediately) is a poorly designed website.

Good content comes in many forms but the best kind of content is something that will answer somebodies question. For instance, a how to video, a informational graphic, and more.