2017 website color thoery

Don’t fall into the vicious cycle of setting your entire website to one solid color scheme. The number one reason why you should avoid this is because it will make all your hard work on your site look bland. This will cause the average visitor to lose immediate interest and leave your site. Not to mention having an eyesore of a site will depreciate the value of your business through the perception of your visitors.

What you want to do is stick to a couple color schemes that run throughout your site while adding in an unorthodox color every now and then to keep things fresh. This color coating technique comes from the principal of catching a consumer’s eye before their attention span begs them to leave. Oh, did I mention the average person’s attention span in 2017 is 8 seconds? That’s right, when someone enters your site for their first time you have 8 seconds to catch their attention or risk losing them forever.

Use color to your advantage. Whenever you have a lot of content people’s eyes will start to wonder. To center your audience’s attention you should consider using a very loud and vibrant color. If you have a purchase button you want to make sure people see, nothing saids “look at me!” like a big red button with white font.

You may find that as soon as you change that black or white button to a flashy red, your conversion rates may go up. If you dont belive this to be true, I urge you to change your call to action buttons (purchase or subscription buttons) to a red for one week and see if you dont notice a difference in conversion.

Also you should consider using other colors that don’t follow your usual color scheme to keep your website diverse. Nobody wants to look at one solid color while browsing your entire site. You may see this already affecting your visitor count on pages that are color diverse vs pages with a bland color layout.