Let me walk you through a common 21st century scenario. You are thinking about buying a new product or service from a local business. You don’t have the time to go there physically so you turn to the internet for the information that will determine whether or not you make that purchase. And then you find that local business doesn’t have a website that offers the vital information about the product or service.  You become disinterested as time passes and soon enough you have forgotten about it.

A website is not only supposed to be informative, but it is supposed to act like a salesman that entices your demographic to buy. This is one of the biggest of having a website. When a website is done right, it will positively influence the purchasing decision of your audience for years to come.

With that said, you may be losing hundreds of customers / clients every year because your business doesn’t own an enticing website. Even if your losing half that every year, the amount of lost revenue will quickly add up throughout the coming years. That’s why you need to ensure your captivating everyone’s attention whether they are online or offline.
Some business owners may be too set in their old ways to accept the fact that their business’s online presence is just as important as their physical presence. These business are placing barriers in front of them. As a result, they will be paying for it in lost revenue and very limited growth. I urge all businesses to represent themselves online in professional manner by hiring a designer. You will benefit for years to come.