So you realize your business needs a website, but you dont know where to start. Who do you go to? How do you get the most bang for your buck?

First let’s take a look at the ideal qualities in a web designer.

First of all hiring someone local is very beneficial because this person will be able to understand your business thoroughly in person. A good designer will build a mutually beneficial personal relationship and become your technical support, online advisor, and sometimes your online marketer. He’s an all in one package who you can work with seamlessly. After some time he will also understand your business thoroughly enough to make suggestions to improve your online business model. All the while providing high grade eye catching design that will make your demographic want to visit and re-visit your site.

That is why here at the wise guy we make sure the designer works closley with the business owner. We recognize these great qualities that makes collaborating with a business to build a website the best experience possible.
You should also keep in mind that an impressive website no longer has to cost your business upwards of $20,000. Ofcourse, there are some exceptions when very complicated development tasks are requested, but generally a professional website does not have to cost you an arm nor a leg. Nowadays, you can have an amazing online operation for under $5000. It may seem like an investment, but the business you will gain through your website will pay for this cost within one or two years.

And a good rule of thumb in 2017 is: never pay under 500 for a website because I can almost guarantee you quality will be an issue. When your website quality is an issue, you will find yourself losing business due to poor representation. If you want to build something great don’t skimp on hiring a professional designer for it will pay off seven-fold in the years to come.