Our Websites are More Than Informational

Special Functionality

Here at The Wise Guy, not only will we build you a website that conveys information effectivley, we will also give the website special functionality that can help your business run more effeciently and allow users to interact with your site. For example, an on site schedualing system in which clients can see what times you are available, a custgom galler dedicated to your work, a live maps feature, and more. There is no limit to what special functionality can do for your business, it only takes a little bit of imagination to create

What is Special Functionality?

Website Special Functionality is the ability of a website to accomplish a task other than conveying information to the user. These functions can include on site calandars, custom sliders, contact forms, donation boxes, and much more. On site functionas are seamlessly intergrated into your page without slowing down user speeds. This is done by planning the design of the function, cross refrencing plugins to assure no data is conflicing, executing the installation of the function, then testing said function. Once the function finally achieves the set goal, it will be signed off on and officialy intergrated into the website’s page

How Can Special Functionality Help You?

Special Functionality has the ability to help your business or blog by achieveing certain tasks. The tasks achieved by these functions are designed to help with the user’s or website owner’s experience. For example, lets say Bob owns a bar along with the bar’s webpage. A consumer visits Bob’s website, and is interested in stopping by for a drink. Unfortunatley, the consumer does not know the location of the bar, but thanks to special functionality Bob’s Web Developer intergrated a Google Map in Bob’s Website. The consumer now knows where Bob’s Bars is without ever having to leave his website or call in.

Functionality Makes Your Website More Interactive

Users love websites that have some interactive elment to it. This is because functionality allows the user to engage with your website in order to receive the information your user is looking for. Not only will this function allow users to retrieve the info they were looking for, it also greatly improves the asthetics of your website making it look as fresh and modern as ever.