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Hello there! Wouldn’t you like to start the coming year with an entirely new online presence. As every year goes by, more people are shifting into online consumerism and if your should have an excellent online presence. Do not allow your business to suffer due to an outdated website or the absence of one. Contact us and for a limited time we will start your website for no money down.

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Sacramento Web Design

We take the time to build you a website that is worthy of your business. Our web design is modern, affordable, and provides top notch support.

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SEO and Analytics

Get your website to the first page of major search engines under a relevant set of key words. Also it is always beneficial to know how many people are entering your website, monitor activity, and more.

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Social Media Marketing

We will professionaly set up your social media and intergrate it with your website. Once your social media pages are created have them professionaly managed to attract more people to your business and website.

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4k Video and Photo

Add value to your business by hiring our professional video or photography services. We will shoot and edit your business’s products or services in the highest 4k cinema quality possible then intergrate it to your social media and website.

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360 Degree Content (VR)

Be the first in your industry to include 360 degree photography or video viewable from any device. Intergrate the VR experience seamlessly on your website and social media platforms such as Facebook and more. Stun your audience with cutting edge technology.

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Custom Design

Providing low-cost, custom website design for your business. Responsive across all devices (mobile friendly designs).

Digital Content

Any and all kinds of digital content. 4k photo/video, graphics, drone, written, social media promotion content and virtual reality.

Online Marketing

SEO, social media marketing and PPC Ad Campaings will help drive traffic to your website and business.


Monthly updates and maintenance will ensure your website is running efficiently without any problems.

Improving Your Online Presence

Sacramento Web Design

Welcome to The Wise Guy where we specialize in creating websites for small businesses here in Sacramento, CA. Each design is custom tailored for your specific needs and industry. In addition, the website design will be compatible across all devices, including mobile.

Not to mention that one of our service highlights is being able to work closley with the designer. As the design project is being developed, you may request to meet in person with the designer to share new ideas. Also, we place a heavy value on customer satisfaction, so you can always expect top notch support.

Mobile Friendly Designs

Did you know 60% of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device? Every single website we work on is compatible with any device and browser.


Have confidence in knowing that your working with someone who genuinly cares about your satisfaction. We treat every single client with the highest degree of care.

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Offering Ideal Features

For years, we have been able to satisfy the digital business needs of our clients with amazing results. In addition to producing effective results, we do so at a competitive price. Digital assets can help boost your companie’s overall reputation, generate traffic, and ultimatley bring you more business. At The Wise Guy Digital Solutions, we do not only focus on creating dynamic websites and professional content, we focus on driving additional business to our clients by developing smart digital marketing campaigns.

We understand the importance of keeping costs down. That is why our rates are so competitive in the market. We aim to offer you the most bang for your buck when it comes to all of your digital solutions and marketing.

In addition, we always put our best foot forward in any project, no matter how big or small it may be. Our promise to our clients is to provide high quality work every single time. That is because we take pride in our work. Know that when you work with us our ultimate goal is to leave you 100% satisfied.

Once your website is fully paid for, you will be the full owner of that website. Depending on your project and payment plan, your website will belong to your business’s 100%.

We have your back when it comes to your website design, content creation, marketing and more.

Did you know that 60% of people accessing the internet are doing so through their mobile devices? That is why all of our designs are mobile friendly. Have full confidence knowing that no matter what device your demographic is viewing your website in, it will be fully compatible.

We host and maintain all of our client’s websites on secure servers. Always feel good knowing your website is receiving consistant software updates. These updates will keep your website running fast, responsive, and bug free. Also, updating your website will ensure compatibility across all major browsers.

Never stress about a potential cyber attacker targeting your website as we keep a contant eye on every single aspect of our servers. We secure our servers in which we host our client’s website because we know how valuable your traffic’s information is.

We offer the client professional content for his or her website. This content will help increase conversion rates that travel through your website. Your website’s conversion rate is the rate at which your web visitor converts into a real paying customer.

We also offer traffic generation to your website through managing your social media with engaging content.

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Generate Leads & Sales With Your New 2018 Website

Paired With Effecient Online Marketing

We create websites that capture traffic effectivley and convert them into real paying clients/customers. The websites we create are custom platfroms that act like funnels in focusing your visitors to convert into purchasing your product or service. 

Your new website can start generating leads and sales within the first week of its launch. 

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Our Commitment to Satisfaction

We work hard in making sure every single project we work on makes our clients 100% satisfied. Our pride lies within the long consecutive history of people we have helped with digital solutions deployed online for the betterment of your online presence.

Once your are finished working with us, your business will be in a much better light in the digital sphere. Make your business shine through professional design on your website, content across social media, and rankings on search engines.

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