The first step to creating VR content is knowing what type of VR content you want to create. There are two major types of VR content. Video VR made with 360 degree cameras,  and VR content made with software.

For starters if you want to capture a life experience in VR and share it with the world, you should consider investing in a 360 degree camera.  The benefits in a 360 video include being able to fully immerse your audience in the experience you want them to have. Imagine being surrounded by an environment, all of its sounds, colors, motions, and atmosphere. 360 degree videos are great for showing off real life spaces, events, and other pieces of scenery. Click this link to view the best bang fit your buck when in comes to a 360 degree camera. Editing these 360 videos can be a challenge for some but for someone with expertise in the cutting edge world of VR it should not be a problem.

If you want to create a graphically designed VR environmentt you should consider learning unreal engine 4 which is free. However it is an advanced development software so it can be very challenging for a complete newbie. You should consider hiring a professional to handle developing content on this software since it will likely take you hundreds of hours to fully master. However if you are a dedicated developer you should try to learn this new innovative way of digital media.

You should have a VR headset to experience whatever virtual reality content you are creating. It’s good to know you can just use your phone to view VR content making it very accessible to almost everyone.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more info in the VR world.