Many people and businesses are paying a monthly fee to have their website maintained. But what does it mean to have your website maintained? Where are your dollars going to every month?

Hosting potentially included. This really depends on what your maintenance package is. Chances are your maintenance will include the monthly hosting fee that you would otherwise have to pay to another third-party company to upload your website on their servers to the internet on a 24/7 basis. It’s nice to know that when you work with us you will be covered for all of the matters covered in this post.

Sometimes the maintenance fee includes the cost of your domain yearly fee as well. This is a nice additive bonus when you work with digital solution firms that give you the best bang for your buck (like ourselves.)

Constant updates for your website platform is another feature that comes with maintenance. Updating your website platform along with website plugins is essential to keeping your website running fast, and secure. If you forego updates for a long enough period of time you could leave yourself open for attacks from hackers.

Routine check ups to ensure your website is not slowing down. Sites can slow down for various reasons. I find a common one is when someone uploads a file that is too large and places that file on a page.

Security monitoring features let you know if there has been a breach in your website. There are several indicators that will let you know if you have been hacked. I will not go too far into detail since it is too much to cover in one post. However if you ever notice your website functioning extremely different, or behaving in odd ways you may want to look into the IPs that have accessed your site. Also it may be a good idea to look into the login log.

Also, if the person maintaining your website installed the correct security features into your directory, you should be able to prevent attacks. Preventative hacking/attack tools will allow you to see an attack coming before it happens, ban malicious IPs and more.

Ensuring traffic never slows down your website is also a concern. However when you work with someone who truly values your dollar, they will give you the unlimited bandwidth you deserve to grow your business (such as ourselves).

If you have an e-commerce website, security will be very important. This is because there may be hundreds of transactions on your store every day where a hacker may be tempted to find a vulnerability in your website that will allow him to steal the payment information of your valued customers. The worse part is that your customers may hold you accountable for their compromised payment details.

Finally one of the biggest reasons to have a professional maintain your website is so your website stays compatible across all devices, and browsers. In addition, your website staying free of bugs, glitches, or dead links.

If you need a true professional to maintain your website, please contact us.